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The Random Comic Strip

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pedantry, Revised and Amended

I have a confession to make. I tend to err. And I tend to overlook my errors for quite some time. Eventually, however, I can no longer ignore them and am compelled to, as they say in Congress, revise and amend said errors in the public record. That is, my blog.

Put another way... Frankly, I tweak.

I try to avoid mistakes before posting, of course, but it is inevitable that there will be an extra or missing word, or an improper spelling ("their" for "there", for instance), or just a word that I find wanting in the context.

So, I revise and amend. Sometimes soon after posting, sometimes days after.

It is why I will never be able to write the Great American Novel. I'd never finish it.

I would proofread repeatedly, never quite satisfied, constantly rewriting parts and pieces. My publisher and my agent would eventually conspire to filch the manuscript or dump me altogether (most likely the latter) and that would be the end of my serious writing career.

And I would find myself posting insipid stuff in an obscure blog somewhere.


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