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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Journaling... or Diaryah attack.

Dear DiaryJournal,

First, There isn't going to be any "Dear Diary" openers. Real Men don't keep diaries, just maybe journals. That may be a difference without a distinction but it makes my macho ego feel all warm and fuzzy. I think I will also drop the "Dear". In the future, I will just use "Yo! Jour!" And "Jour" is pronounced "Juhr" so don't think I am trying to speak French.

I figure keeping a diary journal will help me order my thoughts and maintain a record of things that happen to me. Then, when I am famous, it will be easier to write my memoirs. I am not sure if real men write memoirs but I'll take the chance. After all, I probably won't get famous anyway and will never have to write them.

I suppose I should jot down the things I did today. I awoke at 6:30 in the morning, as I usually do. If I didn't, I would likely pee the bed. I mean, I have no other real reason for getting out of bed at that hour on a non-golf day. And today was a non-golf day. Instead, I had to go to the YMCA to exercise (not my idea, it is Faye's... more later) and then take Faye's car in for an oil change.

The exercise thing is not something I really wanted to do. Faye thought we should start exercising. She felt it would be good for me, to help me recover from the Great Kneecap Incident (GKI). I have to admit she is right. Keeping the sofa from floating away is not exactly a muscle building activity. It has been awhile since I have been in one of these exercise rooms. They have all sorts of new machines to work on different parts of your body. I could spend hours watching someone else demonstrate them.

I am trying to work up a regular routine. So far, I haven't done much for my left thigh. You see, the left thigh muscles atrophied shortly after the GKI. I didn't realize how shortly until I started to walk a couple of days after the operation. The operation just wired the kneecap back together and left it where it belonged. I guess. Later, the good doctor explained that the leg muscles will atrophy to basically the consistency of room temperature Jell-o in about 3 days. But it will take months to restore their original strength. Just doesn't seem fair.

So, I do one set of leg exercises followed by stomach crunches, back extension for lower back, and a couple of machines that work my shoulders in different directions.

I don't have to worry about over doing it because Faye can only take about 15 minutes of exercise before she's ready to call it a day.

So, after leaving for the workout at 7:30 AM (after two cups of coffee for me and at least three for Faye), exercising almost long enough to notice it, and getting back home, I had just enough time to shower and dress before taking Faye's car to the service department.

Now, Faye's car is a Buick (just as mine is) but I took her car to the local Ford dealer because he advertises a $15 oil change. Even a Ford mechanic ought to be able to change the oil in a Buick without destroying the engine. Or forgetting to put the crankcase plug back in. One hopes anyway. I don't know why this Ford dealer does this. He is cheaper than the Buick dealer. And there is just one guy who owns all the dealerships in this city. Seriously. Talk about a lack of competition. There's a rival Chevrolet dealer up in Avon Park (10 miles away) but that's it for about 40 miles in any direction. There's a Chrysler dealer too but who buys Chryslers anymore? So it doesn't really count as competition.

Those were the high points of my day. Tomorrow is a golf day. That means I will swelter all morning while I frustratingly chase a little white ball around a big field. Then I will come home, play on the computer for awhile and then fall asleep in front of the TV.

Life is good.

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