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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sure Happy It's Thursday

Yo! Jour!

Yesterday was golf. I stank but managed to get by with an 86. Today was exercise and that always stinks. Well, it makes me stink.... just a little bit because I don't spend a lot of time exercising. The main reason I am going to the 'Y' is to strengthen my left leg. I find that hard to do since I cannot even straighten it out in a sitting position without a lot of pain. I'll keep trying.

The British Open started today. It's actually called just "The Open"... a bit arrogant on the part of the Brits, I'd say, but they were the first and they lay claim to inventing the game. Except they didn't. It was the Scots who who invented it. I think they also co-invented whiskey with the Irish. The Irish would have invented golf but they were too busy drinking the whiskey they invented and making up tall tales about leprechauns and the like.

I understand I am permitted to make jokes about the Irish because I am a descendent of the Emerald Isle. My grandfather went through Ellis Island in 1915. He was born in Belfast before the Irish Revolution split the island into an independent Irish Free State and Northern Ireland, which remained with the British. I understand we remained loyalists... because we were a bunch of Protestants, I suppose. If we hadn't, the family might have migrated south into the Irish Free State, my grandfather might never have emigrated, wouldn't have met my grandmother, and I might not have been born. And this blog would not exist.

It's weird how things turn out sometimes.

But The Open is getting full coverage on TV. This means I will get a lot of couch time the next few days. I can live with that.

2 comments: said...

86? You stank?
Exactly why I quit playing. After 30 years of golf, I can count on your hand how many times I broke 90.
Take your stinky left leg and shove it for exercise.

Douglas said...

Sixty, but... but... but... I usually shoot in the low eighties with occasional dips into the 70's (rare) and it was an easy course.