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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pondering a franchise

I have determined, after much musing and observation, that few people think like I do. Not about things, a fair number (though definitely not a majority) agree with my conclusions but not with how I come to those conclusions.

I like to think I am logical and rational. I also like to think I am right. But my logic is not disciplined, it is not the result of the formal study of logic. It is logic based on what "feels" right to me. While a lot of people also use that kind of logic, few are willing to go against the "feeling" when faced with contradicting facts.

A prime example is voting. A vote is a powerful thing, they tell us. Elections can be decided by a single vote, so they say. I say... sure, in theory. In reality, however, any election where a single vote makes the difference will be contested with all the power and lawyers the potentially losing candidate can muster with the money he raises from others. In fact, the margin can be much higher than one vote.

I know this, I live in Florida and resided in Chad Central in 2000. What I learned from that debacle was that elections are decided by idiots for the most part. Idiots who vote according to last minute whims, idiots who cannot read and/or follow simple instructions, people who cannot match a name on the left with a small corresponding circle on the right, and felons and dead people.

I am sure that many Minnesotans might agree with me after their last senatorial election. Probably just as many might disagree.

"Look! I found these absentee ballots in the trunk of my car! And isn't it interesting that they all voted for that Stuart Smalley guy?"

"What do you mean that's not his name? Oh... it's Al Franken... I'll be right back with these ballots."

On the other hand, putting a comedian in office is pretty much what we do every election, isn't it?

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