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Friday, July 23, 2010

Random rants in living color

Things I do not watch on TV

Hockey games
Yacht races
Cooking shows
Reality shows
Network news (ABC, NBC, CBS)
My "local" news (broadcast out of Tampa... about 75 miles away as the crow flies)
Commercials (whenever possible... love that DVR!)

Things I do watch

Cop shows (not all, just the quirkier ones)
Science Fiction (almost anything in this genre)
Science fact
History stuff (especially WWII related but almost anything really)
Movies (often on TCM)

I wait for movies to hit HBO, Showtime, and Starz before I watch them. I stopped going to the movies a long time ago when it started to cost more for popcorn than for the ticket. The popcorn is tasty but not that tasty. I fear the theaters will go the way of the Drive-In soon. But not so much that I will start going again.

When I was young, back around the Stone Age, I was an usher for awhile. It was one of the two jobs I have been fired from. I was fired because I complained about one of the managers. He would stick around to open the curtains (theaters had curtains in front of the screens then) when the show started and then disappear. I suspect to the nearest tavern. He'd show up again just before the movie ended. In the meantime, it was me and the candy counter girl to take care of any problems or emergencies. For this, I was paid a whopping 85 cents an hour. I didn't mind being fired. I welcomed it. I became a handyman and made more money in two weeks than I had made in the 3 months I was an usher.

On the other hand, I got to see a lot of movies.

I had a point in mind when I started writing this but that was yesterday evening. I no longer know what it is. You'll have to figure it out on your own.

I am paying more attention to Tropical Storm Bonnie which is sliding past me to the south. And my new patio roof leaks.

1 comment:

Pearl said...

I, too, was an usher. :-) I think I saw "Fame" at least 40 times...


p.s. Good luck with Bonnie.