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Sunday, December 7, 2008

I Worry...

[Before I start today's commentary, I'd like everyone to think about an event that occurred 67 years ago today: December 7, 1941. And take a moment to silently thank all those who answered the call to fight against evil in the world. Then maybe do a little Googling]

I worry about things. Mostly esoteric things and things that I have no control over. Well, the reason for the latter should be obvious; if I had control over them, they wouldn't be a worry since I could resolve them in some manner. This quirk is exacerbated by my having access to the internet. This can be a Bad Thing.

The internet, while wonderful and magical, is also quite dangerous. It allows us to find others who feel the way we do. It also gives us information, maybe too much.

I was curious about seismic activity. Because of the reports about the tsunami a few years ago that caused so much damage in various places in south Asia.
So I began looking around. I knew about the Pacific Ring of Fire and I wanted to know a bit more. That led to wondering about the monitoring of seismic activity. And that led me to the Earthquake Notification Service.

So, now I get notified each time there is a significant earthquake just about anywhere in the world based upon my criteria for magnitude. It started as a curiosity about whether there was an increase in activity and turned into a subtle, constant, paranoia that is triggered each time I receive a notification.


Neo said...

the Earth is still changing, as it is this occurs in very slowly and you do not notice these changes within your life time. We are talking slow as in astronomic figures. I'm not sure if you have ever heard the theory of the "supercontinent" looking at a globe of the Earth, you will notice the continents all fit together if you were able to push them all together. Continental drift, earth quakes and I believe it is called tactonics or some such will continue. Change is good. as I have always said about this global warming bs... what direction would you expect the temperature to go after an ice age? The other Planets in our solar system are going through changes also.

Barry said...

Your comment has prompted an interesting chain of thought. I've read a number of studies recently showing people are feeling more distressed today than a decade ago.

I wonder how much of that increase comes as a result of having more information about disasters and potential disasters that would have gone unnoticed in more distant times?

Douglas said...

Neo, all the continents are made up of plates which, in turn, "float" on the mantle below them. The plates are moving. See

Plates push against each other, restricting movement and building pressure. A seismic event is the result of energy is released when one (or both) plates overcome the resistance.

That's a simple explanation for something much more complex.

Barry, I think, in many more ways than this, that you are right.