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Monday, May 21, 2012

I really hate to be in charge

This morning I am off to engage in a bit of play-acting. I am playing the part of Pete... who runs the group I play golf with on Mondays. Seems Pete has a doctor's appointment or a medical procedure to undergo (Pete is 83 and has some health issues).

I have done this before, though not pretend to be Pete. I pretended to be Joe (who runs the group I play with on Fridays) a few times. It was easy to assume Joe's role... Joe runs his group in a lackadaisical manner... Just collect the $5 pool money from each player, let them choose their own playing partners, tally the results at the end, and hand out the cash to the winners.

And I have assisted Joe when he filled in for Pete a few times.

Pete's different, more anal-retentive. He assigns players to groups. For the most part, this works out well and few complaints are voiced. He tries to match up people by skill level; by handicap.

So I sat down the other day with Pete's index cards and the list of those who said they would show up and tried to do the same. I can see why Pete gets worry lines. And I am faced with many fewer players now that our winter friends have migrated back north.

Normally, he would get Joe to do this and Joe would get me to help him. Joe used to assist Pete on Mondays but they've had a little "falling out" over where to play this summer. They are still friendly but there is a bit more tension between them than usual. Joe will be playing elsewhere and so I will be without assistance. 

Thankfully, there will be only 10 or so "cats to herd."

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