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Apparently, the crossword puzzle that disappeared from the blog, came back.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Just braggin'

As you know, I do a few mind exercises each day. I do a few crossword puzzles, a jigsaw puzzle, and run through several games of Freecell.  I enjoy these. I like challenges of this type. Problem solving is fun for me.  I have successfully completed 7753 of 7754 Freecell games. Yes, I admit that I have had to back up to the beginning from time to time. But I still found the solution eventually.

The following is a list of my best times for a certain crossword puzzle. I will acknowledge that these times were achieved while in Regular mode. In that mode, when you enter an incorrect letter it shows up in red. This allows you to correct typoes or lets you know you have not solved the clue for that word. I have moved on to Master mode in the last year and my times are somewhat higher.

This crossword is not a tough one, it is not like the New York Times puzzle. I believe it was made to be done as fast as you can. And that is how I have treated it...

Even though I am overwhelmingly humble and shy, I do like to toot my own horn on rare occasions.


Sightings said...

I tried it and it was fun. I got it all right, but it took me a while. Boy, do I hate that music!

Douglas4517 said...

 You can turn it off. Check the options.

Cindyhaire54 said...

I'm more impressed with freecell since my wins usually end around game 90

Douglas4517 said...

 Since Vista (I think), you can back up moves right to the beginning of the deal. That means you can pretty much start over when a strategy does not work out. If you go back to the beginning and then exit, it is not marked as a loss. My tablet's Freecell app allows the same but you cannot start a new game until you have solved the current one or conceded a loss. Even if you shut the tablet off, when you reboot it and again open Freecell, you will find yourself playing the same game. That's a bit tougher.