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Thursday, May 24, 2012

DirecTV... run by fools

Sometime ago, I switched to cable from DirecTV. I did this because I was getting tired of losing the signal on stormy evenings and an every increasing monthly cost. I may have mentioned this here and here.

Soon after the changeover, I began receiving mysterious phone calls; a couple of rings and a hang up from a toll-free number with no name attached. Curious, I dialed back and found myself waiting for the "next available agent" for DirecTV. The first time I simply hung up. The calls continued... daily. So I called the number back and waited for that "next available agent" and requested his supervisor. Surprisingly, I got someone who claimed to be the supervisor. I informed him that I was sick and tired of getting these phone calls and demanded they cease immediately; that I was even less likely to restart service with DirecTV because of these phone calls and that I intended to register complaints to the FCC, the FTC, and the state PSC (our state's regulatory service watchdog) about harassment.

He immediately apologized about this "inconvenience" and said he would remove my number from the dialing database. I gave him the number and he then stated that it would take up to 30 days to complete. I stated that he had 24 hours and no more, that the complaints would be filed after that. When he protested, I explained that I understood how these things worked and that it took a simple data entry to complete and that I would not tolerate more than one more call.

Amazingly, the calls ceased.

But the letters began within a week and have continued once a week ever since. They urge me to return to DirecTV, they offer me great savings, they annoy me no end.

Of course I will not return to DirecTV! The service was poor (though better than Dish) and the cost kept increasing and the support was surly on their best day.

But I still get the letters. Which makes me wonder... Are some people that stupid as to resubscribe to a poor and costly service because they are pestered into it?

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