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Monday, May 14, 2012

Wild life or wildlife?

A lot of people dismiss golf as a "sport". It's understandable... the image that comes to mind for most is fat guys in ugly clothes who swill a lot of beer as they ride around in motorized carts or pay some kids to carry their bags.

I can understand that. Although, the look on the Tour has changed considerably and the young guys are all stringy, and even some of the older guys have trimmed down and have even started exercising to get , and stay, in shape.

But that's the Tour. The average golfer, the guys who I play with, are generally older, fatter, dress badly, and play poorly.

But then you introduce alligators to the game...



Sightings said...

Yeah, look at Tiger Woods or Bubba Watson or Rickie Fowler -- those guys are in good shape (not to mention Paula Creamer or Natalie Gulbis) ! There are alligators up in the Carolinas as well --  so I guess it goes to show you, if you don't keep the ball in the fairway, you'd better be quick on your feet!

Douglas4517 said...

 Yeah, not to mention Paula and Natalie... The LPGA looks a lot better than it once did.