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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Little green microbes, maybe?

In the "I wish I had written that" department, we have the following:

If Curiosity Finds Life on Mars, then What?

Let me quote from the article:

The Curiosity rover touched down on Mars earlier this month with one primary mission: Find evidence that suggests there is or was life on Mars. So what happens if it succeeds?

Now, that is an attention grabbing couple of sentences.

I urge you to read the article.

When I did, there were only two comments:
   Well, I wouldn't liken it to native americans. I'd liken it to abortion. Microbes today, civilization tomorrow. If we find microbes on Mars, but we decide to colonize it anyway, will the right wing anti-abortionists protest?
   It will create a boom of construction work. All the churches will be demolished and the property turned over to build houses for humans. Snake oil salesmen and Priests will be unemployed and could be retrained as landscapers.

Will we ever find intelligent life on Earth?

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