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The Random Comic Strip

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Once a great wit, he has been reduced by half

I used to be witty... and clever. Yes, I know this hasn't been evident of late. In fact, pretty much since I started this blog. But it is true, I was once considered a lot of fun to be around. I made as many enemies as I did friends, of course, because that is the result of unconstrained wit.  Wit is dangerous and is often referred to as "sharp" or "rapier-like". In truth, it is a two-edged sword... causing wounds to both target and wielder.

But wit takes effort and brain power. And my brain power is ebbing. Either that or I am becoming more self observant. I notice more mistakes on my part. This means I am making more or that I am recognizing more. I strongly suspect the latter. Trying to use wit these days is, for me, like trying to juggle razor blades.... quite messy. And, like those razor cuts, the pain really hits later while you are squeezing lemons or tossing some spilled salt over your shoulder.

My wit often got me in a lot of trouble. Bullies do not like to be belittled. Neither do teachers... or am I being redundant? It did not impress my superiors in the Navy either. Well, not favorably anyway.

But my wit these days is much like my car keys. Something I can't find when I need it.

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