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Monday, August 13, 2012

Random observations for Monday 8-13-2012

Tiger Woods is in contention for the PGA Championship. This is important for golfers, it seems, though I am unsure why. It's certainly important for the golf industry since Tiger generates great interest in the game.

China is on its way up. We, as well as the rest of the world, are moving toward a strong dependency on China's economy. We may already be there. Much of the world's electronic manufacturing (computers and electronic devices) is already done there. As a golfer, I have come to learn that most large scale club-making is done there. I am not sure just how much this worries me but it does worry me. How will it affect China?

Curiosity, the latest Mars rover, is comfortably ensconced on that planet. It sits in Gale Crater that is home to something informally called "Mount Sharp", a 3 mile high dome-ish mound in the center of the crater.  Curiosity is supposed to venture up that mound eventually. The drawn circle is where Curiosity is. The pictures coming back eerily remind one of the Mojave Desert (cue the conspiracy folks).


Mitt Romney has announced his choice for Vice-President. It's Rep. Paul Ryan from Wisconsin. The sniping is already underway. Hang in there, folks, we have less than 90 days to go before this can even begin to settle down. And it's just going to get nastier.

Somebody's pet chimpanzee escaped his pen in Las Vegas... for the second time in a month. I like pets but having a cat or a dog seems enough for me.

Ever hear of "soft robotics" or "biomimicry robotics"? Neither have I... until now Just wish they had video. Oh, wait... they do: [video]
Now, can we apply this to fishing lures?

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