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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Watch the skies!

Among the cable network programs I like (Suits, Burn Notice, Lost Girl, etc) is one called Falling Skies on TNT. The premise is simple: Aliens from space have invaded earth and are in the process of mopping up resistance. There are three kinds of aliens that we see: Overlords (elongated humanoids who are the masters), "skitters" (kind of a reptilian spider-like creatures, and "mechs" (robotic fighting machines, well armed and well armored). They capture children and put some kind of creature (a bio-mechanical harness) on their spines which makes them docile and willing slaves (and, apparently, turns them into skitters eventually). The skitters act as baby-sitters for the slave kids, forming small "family groups". The slave kids apparently feel a great comfort in being part of the group and become loyal to the skitter... or maybe its an effect of harness.

We follow the adventures and tribulations of a group of  ragtag "soldiers" known as the "2nd Mass". This could be the remnants of an army reserve unit or it could be just what they call themselves, it's not clear and I missed the pilot episode which might have explained it.

It is just fun TV. The executive producer is Steven Spielberg, who apparently likes these trite 50's style science fiction plots. He updates them with modern technology and the viewers lap it up.

Well, I lap it up and the show is popular enough to last at least two seasons so I am not alone.

What's not to love? Ever since I was a child, I wanted to battle space aliens. I grew up on cheesey science fiction in which kids often played a major role. C'mon, you know what I mean... who can resist a "civilization's crumbled, kids to the rescue" storyline? 

I sure can't.

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David Verhagen said...

A common theme in anime.  Tha must  be why I watch it.