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Friday, August 31, 2012

Why can't they leave things alone?

Due to some changes that Disqus has recently made, and the occasional complaints from some of the commenting readers, I am considering going back to the old Blogger comment system.

I thought the Disqus commenting system was pretty good. I use it at a number of places and found it simple and efficient. I liked its notification process (if you sign up at Disqus, you will get emails containing any replies to your comments and links to those comments), it seemed clean and efficient. I liked its Reply Form being right under the comment, too. But I am just one person and others disagree with me (way too often, I sometimes feel).

But, recently, Disqus decided to tinker with success. I do not know why companies do this but it seems to be a common thing: somebody gets an idea, creates a product which people like, the product is successful, then the somebody gets ideas about how to "improve" the product and goes on to make it harder to use, more complex, and/or loads it with a lot of unnecessary baggage.

I don't understand it. There's an old metaphor/adage that goes:
"If you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door."

I say, "If you complicate that mousetrap, that path will eventually get overgrown again."

And so, I thought Disqus was a "better mousetrap" that didn't need improvement or expansion. And some of my readers didn't agree. And now, I am beginning to agree with them.

I invite commentary on whether I should stay with it or go back to Blogger's system.


torggil said...

Just quietly, I don't think the Blogger system is complicated, but then I'm a card carrying member of the "Good enough" club. Disqus, when I encountered it on your blog, I thought gad a higher pita (pain in the ass) factor. Maybe its just me, but I think I'd prefer it if you returned to the old. said...

They're at it again, the health fascists aren't content with banning.