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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Who pays this much?

I get numerous emails advertising various products. Mostly from golf equipment and technology vendors. I get them because I choose to. I sign up for various advertising of this type and do not consider them spam (spam is the same thing but unsolicited, as far as I am concerned).

While perusing this week's batch, something struck me... So, to appease her and to prevent another smack in the back of the head, I took out the garbage.

When I got back I also noticed that the sales on golf apparel didn't seem much like a sale to me. That is, even reduced 20%, 30%, or 40% they were still too expensive for my taste. For example, they advertise a polo shirt (T-shirt with collar and buttons on a v-neck) for $14.87 (Mfr's suggested price is claimed to be $54.99). I don't buy such shirts for over $10 (and it better have a pocket). I have several left over from 5 years ago for which I paid about $7 apiece.  Why would I pay more than double for one that is not really better in quality?

It made me wonder... some people must have paid the full retail price for these at one point. And these people aren't stupid. They had to have been smart enough to be worth the money they are paid in order to be able to afford clothes at these prices.

Perhaps it's all relative. The more money you have to spend, the higher the prices you are willing to pay.

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