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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I was perusing the morning shows this morning and began musing... Normally, if I turn on the TV in the morning, I watch Fox & Friends a bit or America's Newsroom and then wander back to the computer to catch the financial disasters threatening my meager investments. But today I bounced around a little, just to see what the other news channels are talking about.

Some people don't like the Fox News Channel but they have some interesting shows and, I have found, they are presenting a different perspective than the rest of the cable news channels and certainly different than the ABC/CBS/NBC stuff.

Morning news is mostly fluff except on the cable news and financial channels. Even then, it's often fluff on the cable news channels with hard news interrupting now and then. If you like financial stuff, I highly recommend Bloomberg News in the morning.

I have some curiosity today, if you have a mind to comment, about what you watch and why.

You see, I watch news to find out things, to get a grasp of what is going on. But I don't like being spoon fed and I don't like being told what is right or wrong. I am not a big fan of fluff news (human interest stories and the like) though I will sit through them because, occasionally, they touch on how the hard news is affecting some people.

For instance, this morning there was a story about a man who was bumped off a Southwest Airlines flight due to his, uh, "size." You can watch the video of his interview here . What's odd about this is he was kicked off his return flight.

Now, I am not overweight and I am not happy when I am squeezed between two large-ish passengers on a flight but this struck me as rather odd. I mean, if he wasn't too big for the outbound flight, why was he suddenly too big to take the return one?

What do you think?


The Jules said...

Had he been to a doughnut conference?

Steven said...

I think if you're too big to fit in one seat and the flight is full, you should have to buy two. Easy for me to say since I'm 148lbs, but I'll stand by it.

MilesPerHour said...

That is a tough one. As I sit here and think about it I cannot come up with an answer. Both sides have pros and cons to them. Glad I don't have to make those decisions.

Cheri said...

You have several questions in your piece, so I will answer the first one.

I watch no news, ever. We turned off news after the election ramp up during which screaming and interrupting were the norm.

All of my news gathering is done online. I read the NYT, the WSJ, the LAT, and my local news.

All we watch are old movies, college football, and the Golf Channel.

Since I turned off FOX, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC,and ABC, I felt more peaceful even when the news isn't.

Cheri (again) said...

That's " I feel more peaceful..."

Solana2012 said...

Nice site!
You seem to be a down-to-earth type person.

Fox News; my husband and I love it.

Judge Judy on the DVR with my morning coffee until I'm not brain-dead anymore.

I saw the news about the overweight passenger; welcome to the world of double-standards and people who are dying to have authority over something, anything.

Though I only use one seat, and don't like to be "squished" between others when I fly, this is clearly something off-the-wall. They should have at least refused him on the original flight, not on the return-trip. And, when he had proven the original flight, they should've let him on the plane for the return trip.

Side note; I appreciate your unbiased comments to lawyermommy. Thanks. If it would've been turned around, I'd still appreciate being shown how I'm "wrong". I try to learn from mistakes.

Douglas said...

Solana, thanks for taking the time to drop by. I try to avoid the political on this blog but have opened another, Sanity is Optional, where I can vent about things political. Lawyermommy irked me because of the method of argument she used, I was just being honest with her.