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The Random Comic Strip

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday Musings

First, let me explain that I am not fully recovered from yesterday's golf outing. Or the dinner I ate at Bob Evans Restaurant last night. Maybe mostly the latter. After spending most of a (very!) hot day outside playing golf, I don't like to eat too much. And restaurants give us way too much food these days . So I order something called the "Savor Size", which the waitress says (in response to my obvious query) is about a half portion, of the grilled chicken and broccoli alfredo.

Well... It ain't no "half portion". More like two-thirds plus. My will power, wilted from a day in the sun, is weak but I manage to eat less than the whole thing. Followed by a slice of pumpkin pie (I said my will power was weak! Gimme a break here)

I have to admit I was tired and succumbed to a Brownie Bite or 3 and a small bowl of sherbet a few hours later too.

But I did sleep well last night.

Today, of course, will be spent catching up on all those things I didn't do over the last 5 days. Maybe I should rephrase that... yeah, change "catching up on" to "thinking about".

Since I retired, I don't seem to have a lot of ambition. Not that I had much before I retired (which explains my lack of renown and meager net worth), mind you, but you would think I would try to emulate a life form a bit higher than your average slug.

So, I'll do a bit of reading, catch a Saturday morning financial news show or two (to explain why my net worth is still meager in spite of my oh-so-clever investment strategies), maybe take a shot at finding out what broke that 42" plasma TV... if I can find the Phillips head screwdriver... and contemplate the next exciting week.

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