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The Random Comic Strip

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Monday, November 15, 2010

The things I notice

As I look around me, I see a number of social indicators. What are social indicators, you ask? Nothing much, simply things I think tell me about others and how they view the world around them. Since I am master of a universe barely larger than this blog (and, even that is beyond my actual control), these social indicators are probably mere figments of my imagination. Still, I find them amusing.

The first indicator I noticed on my blog page was the patterns I find in the Feedjit gadget on the right. There, just out of the corner of your eye. I realize few people look at blogs as I do. I try to look at the overall picture and not just at what is written. I didn't used to. I used to just read the posts and judge the blog on those alone. But a blog is more than that, of course, it reflects the mental outlook of the blogger.

In any event, my mental outlook is often in turmoil. Therefore, so is my blog page. It jumps about. I like to see change. I also like to get an idea of the people who frequent this blog. I am usually disappointed in the number but heartened by the variety. People visit from all over the world, it seems.

But why do they come? That is where the Feedjit gadget helps us. The single most popular blog piece seems to be "Shopping Trip" followed closely by the posts for May, 2009. Followed quickly by "Random Musings for May". Maybe it's the other way around... this isn't a scientific study and I don't have piles of data I sort through. I'd be too lazy to do so even if I had those piles.

Basically, I think people somehow find a link through Google that takes them to these places. That there are pretty ladies with tight, sexy, bodies involved implies that these visitors are mostly male. Males have a limited outlook on life... Sex, alcoholic beverages, and sports. Not necessarily in that order but close enough. That's pretty much it, don't you think? Works for me. Toss in motorcycles or fast cars for the slack times, I suppose. Everything else is secondary.

I blame it on evolutionary imperatives.


Charlotte Ann said...

Mine always shows up as Sulphur, Louisiana.and I have NO idea where that may be. Lafayette, La. it should say. I look at the guests locations on your site...Madrid? you have a visitor from Spain?
I found you through Pearl and I just keep repeating visits cause I just LIKE your blog....
Is that enough data for your survey? lol

Michael said...

Was this one Random Musings for November then?

I'm glad to be putting Canterbury and Hong Kong on your Feedjit.