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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Random Musings for May

It's time for some more Random Musings on various subjects.


I recorded (and then watched, of course) a program on BBC America called My Big Breasts and Me. As a male, I am presumed to have a fascination with large sweater puppies. I will admit to having an interest but not an obsession. I have known some guys with an obsession. They're the ones who keep those magazines and web sites such as Brabusters, Voluptuous, and Cleavage in the money. The program was interesting and educational because it was told from the over-endowed woman's point of view. My mother was one of these so I heard the complaints early and often.

My favorite shows are coming to their season finales. However, I have discovered a whole raft of summer series that run mostly on the cable channels such as Sci-Fi and USA and TNT that are just as good or better. If you are a TV freak, as I have become since retiring and taking root in the couch, and haven't seen these, let me recommend them:

Monk (USA)
Burn Notice (USA)
The Closer (TNT)
Leverage (TNT)
Doctor Who (may return as repeats on Sci-Fi and BBCA)
Torchwood (returning as a 5 episode mini-series)
Dexter (on Showtime)
Sons of Anarchy (on FX... ok, this one is a Fall show, sorry, but it's quite good for a Biker Soap)

Humanity in general:

While in Las Vegas, I did a lot of people watching. We're pretty ugly on average. Physically, I mean. We really do come in all shapes and sizes and most of them are pretty bad. Don't get me wrong, I am no one to talk, I have my own physical faults and not all of them are due to age related sag-itis. But we also dress funny and pair up with our opposites way too often.

People are friendly, though. Everywhere I went, I ran into smiles and cheerfulness. Waiters and waitresses, store personnel, desk clerks at motels and hotels, and so on. No one seemed grouchy at all. Maybe they were just happy to be working in a down economy but even the people on the street seemed happy. And not just in Las Vegas.

The desert:

The desert fascinates me as an environment. I don't like it, it just intrigues me. How do they form? Most deserts were once pretty lush but now are barren. Water runs through them at times (see the Nile, the Colorado, the Rio Grande for examples) and even under them (which creates those oases) but little falls onto them. How did the weather shift like that? And I understand it is still happening. Desertification, that is. I should have studied geology, I think I would have liked it.


Not a big fan of swamps. They do not fascinate me so much. I don't know, maybe it's the mosquitoes. But some people like them and like to live in them. Same as deserts. We call them swamp rats and desert rats. Why rats?

Global warming:

I am a bit on the skeptical side of this issue. Not so much that the earth is warming but that we have a lot to do with it or can do a lot about it. I think we ought to concentrate on adapting to it rather than trying to reverse it. Though most of the things being suggested seem to have value of their own. I like the idea of conserving fuel and energy, less waste for the landfills, and all that. I just worry about government using this "crisis" as a way of meddling deeper into our lives.

What do you muse about?



Embee said...

I, too, am waiting for the summer series to begin. From your list: I like Monk, and if you like Monk you might like Psych which usually runs in the time slot right after Monk. But I hear this is going to be the last year of Monk. Rats. I miss Dr. Who and Torchwood and I'm pretty miffed that they're either not making new episodes or copping out with "mini-series." I miss the BBC series Robin Hood. I haven't heard a peep about it, though. I like The Closer, too. I haven't seen any of the others on your list, so I guess I'll have to check them out. I tend to be a television junkie, too!

Inspector Clouseau said...

Good post. Lots of food for thought.

Inspector Clouseau said...

Oh, forgot to mention my story about breasts. When I first entered the business world, I had been working at this place for roughly 18 months, when someone said that some woman had breasts like "Zena."

Well Alice was a very attractive, statuesque woman, with a great thin body. However, I had never paid attention to her breasts. When next I saw her, I paid particular attention to determine what the others were talking about. She was not Dolly Parton, but she was amply endowed.

That's just about how much I care about breasts.

Douglas said...

Embee - Faye likes Psych, I am not a fan. Does the star remind you of Ricky Nelson? Faye also likes Kyle XY, another show I can ignore.

Inspector - Strangely, the sexiest women I have known have been small breasted. And Linda Lawless (Xena) doesn't actually have large breasts. It just appeared that way due to the armor. :) said...

How odd, here is a list of my "must see" for the summer...

Skunk(Animal Planet)
Bum Notice (HGTV)
The Cloner (MDTV)
Cleavage (Skinamax)
Doctor Whoo-hoo (OTV)
Storchwood (TVland)
Flexter (ESPN)

Douglas said...

Sixty - So close... so very close.

Steven said...

Lucy Lawless!

Not that I ever watched Xena, but she had a fairly big role on battlestar galactica. Which, now that it's over, I suggest netflixing the whole series on dvd/blu-ray. Fantastic.

Some guy behind Xena and Conan is now doing Legend of the Seeker, which I tried watching since I'm halfway through the Sword of Truth books...but it's absolute dreck. Not that SoT will win any literary awards, but LotS is a cringe-a-minute crapfest.

Butler and Bagman said...

I've never understood the fascination with mammarial size. Beauty for me comes in all sizes, ages, and colors. On the other hand, I was quickly skimming blogs this afternoon and I did stop and look at this one so whatever I say, actions speak.

Douglas said...

Steven - I had a love/hate relationship with Battlestar Galatica, it was good and bad at the same time. Lucy spruced it up a bit, though. I may actually pay to go see the Star Trek movie.

B&B - And I am glad you dropped by. Regardless of the reason.

Steven said...

I got so bored of it in season (2? 3?) I quit watching it. Mi esposa and I watched it all the way through fairly recently, though, and I thought it was great.