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Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Journey Ends... Safely

We're back! Yes, it was a month long journey from the east to the west and back again. A couple of days in Biloxi, a one day visit to Faye's brother in Arizona, a few days in Las Vegas, and then a jaunt down to San Diego. My golf addiction, sadly, was not catered to on this trip. I only managed 27 holes in the entire month. Mostly due to bad weather but family activities and my illness interfered also.

On the way back, we ran through some bad weather also. We got through Houston just ahead of the flooding and hailstones. The rain slowed us down some but we were luckier than a couple of vehicles. One, a semi, jack-knifed a couple of hours ahead of us and a car managed to swerve off the road into the median and slammed into a tree not more than an hour or so ahead of us as we crossed into Mississippi.

I noticed something along the trip, truckers are not as polite as they once were. It used to be that truckers (big rig types) were some of the most courteous drivers on the interstates. But now, while there are still many courteous ones, the number of rude ones seems way up. But, I am happy to say, they are driving slower of late.  Instead of 5 MPH over the limit, they are driving at 5 MPH under. Unfortunately, more than a few tried to pass another semi on the upslope of a hill.

Patience in those situations is paramount.

But we are back, safe and sound and life is sweet when you get to sleep in your own bed.


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