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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Well... Surprise, Surprise!

Amazingly, the mainstream media has "discovered" that there really is a scandal brewing over the Benghazi attacks of 9/11/2012. They've been pretty much ignoring this for months... only a few days ago parroting the White House line that this was all a Republican political attack on Obama.

Unfortunately, it isn't. It is a real scandal where 4 Americans died in an attack that could have possibly  been thwarted. But the White House was wrapped up in a re-election campaign and that took precedence over the real world and terror threats.

It appears the strategy now is to throw Hillary "under the bus." Headlines are already out there blaming the State Department for the "scrubbing" of the talking points that Susan Rice took on her tour of Sunday talk shows.

I don't think Obama is made of Teflon, though, and the questions will continue:

What did he know? And when did he know it?

And just where the heck was he that night anyway?

Many months back, I wrote about SecDef Panetta's claims about the attacks:

Sorry, Leon, I Don't Buy It

And a few months ago I wrote this:

But I Still Want to Know...

And I am nobody. I have just been waiting (and hoping) for someone important in the media to finally wake up.

And then there's this.

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