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Thursday, May 16, 2013

It's All My Lawyer's Fault!

That's what OJ Simpson is saying these days...

I, of course, believe him. After all, lawyers are the scum of the earth, are they not? I have had my own dealings with lawyers with which I was less than happy. (see Attorney Daze) On the other hand, I have had occasion to rely on a lawyer or two many years ago (in my somewhat wayward youth) and found them quite useful and trustworthy. Of course, my not ending up in jail might have something to do with my old attitude toward those of the attorney persuasion. Plus my not having to pay them (thanks, Mom).

It seems that OJ's attorney told him it was okay to use a bit of force to get back his property (this was some memorabilia from his playing days) so long as he "didn't trespass." I guess OJ didn't realize that forcing his way into a hotel room along with a gun could be considered "trespass." As well as a form of kidnapping.

Darned lawyers! What's an acquitted murderer to do with poor legal advice such as that?

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