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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Watch the skies!

I find meteors and asteroids interesting. After all, a rather large one theoretically killed off the dinosaurs 65 million years ago (give or take a few) and one large one hitting the Earth would likely wipe out human life (and, possibly, all other life too).

It's a concern, to be sure. So much so that NASA is actively looking into how we might deflect any large space rocks that are likely to impact the planet.

On March 17th (in celebration of St. Patrick's Day, no doubt) a basketball sized space rock slammed into the moon. This rock was too small to cause a problem for Earth, of course, but it excited the propeller heads at NASA who have been monitoring meteor impacts with the moon for some 8 years now.

I guess it was important but it seems like a big fuss over a minor thing. It's important, they say, because it was the biggest impact they have observed to date. But consider this:

It created a crater all of 20 meters across. It wouldn't have likely created any crater on Earth because a meteor of that size would have more than likely burned up as it passed through the atmosphere.

But this one wouldn't...

Wake me when something truly important happens, will you?

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