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Friday, May 24, 2013

The Big Question

One of the big questions people seem to want an answer to is "Why are we here?" The answers seem to be myriad... one of them, "to help others" always prompted a question in my own mind: "Then why are others here?"

I have never found a satisfactory answer to that first question but I have accepted that I probably will not ever be able to answer it. I am comfortable just existing, it seems enough for me.

Most of my friends (all older than me, it seems) have given up trying to answer that question also. They seem to be happy just being on the sunny side of the sod. Of course, they aren't as philosophical as I am.  I ponder these deep questions on a regular basis and have for as long as I can remember.

The answers, I think, are unimportant. We cannot know if they are valid. But they can guide us, they can give us meaning for our lives. The questions, that is. So I think they are important.

I helped a friend in trouble a few years ago. He was in jail and needed $1000 bail. He had to wait a day so that I could go to the bank and get the money. It was a minor thing, a misdemeanor, and he seemed sincere as he told me he would not skip out. But, of course he did. I have not seen him since that day.
A recent search has located him... recently released after serving a year in jail elsewhere in the state for a felony DUI conviction. 

Still, I do not regret helping him that day. I wonder why?

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