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The Random Comic Strip

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"Everyone carries a part of society on his shoulders," wrote Ludwig von Mises, "no one is relieved of his share of responsibility by others. And no one can find a safe way for himself if society is sweeping towards destruction. Therefore everyone, in his own interest, must thrust himself vigorously into the intellectual battle."

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Random Musings for Thursday

Why I don't believe in the existence of UFOs:

You are telling me they traveled more than 10 light years just to abduct and probe a few individuals with histories of mental illness and to carve up some cows?

Why science sometimes mystifies me:

Language experts claim we all spoke a single language (calling it a "super language")  about 15 thousand years ago. "I", "we", and "to spit" seemed to have arrived to modern day intact.

Why technology is fascinating:

Google Glass intrigues me but I cannot afford a pair.

Stupid things governments do:

The FDA wants to put warning labels on tanning beds. I suppose that will deter those who think lizard skin is attractive. Ranks right up there with outlawing Big Gulp size sodas.

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