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Monday, February 10, 2014


I predict huge advances in the next few years...

First sensory-enhanced artificial hand enables amputee to 'feel'


Anonymous said...

Everyone also here - well, me and my friend Extropian in any case - have been waiting for advancements in human-machine systems that may produce artificial changes in human evolution or just enhance normal capabilities.
I am not optimistic though. Getting too old to be able to see even the beginning of such changes. It may be the Old World's syndrome, or the mummy's syndrome.

Anonymous said...

Although I realise this is more a medical thing. At any rate, it applies to what I was saying in some way.

Douglas said...

Il mio amico, I probably will not be able to receive the benefits of these advances in medicine (I am 67 and it takes many years for such advances to find their way to the common man but I am encouraged for those who will follow us.

Here is something of interest: