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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I Love This Town!

Just in case you might think I live in blissful peace and obscurity in this small city in southwest Florida, I want you to know we have no end to excitement here... though it may seem to be rare.

The other day, about a week ago, we had a major incident. A woman was arrested and, apparently, there was quite a tussle involved. Reading the article about her bond hearing might help explain.

She's a repeat offender, by the way, as our local newspaper reports...

"Musselman had been put on probation just two weeks ago after being charged with two counts of feeding black bears. In his order, Highlands County Circuit Court Judge Anthony Rittenour had ordered not to put any corn, birdseed or any type of food to feed bears or other wildlife fort a year. "

Mrs. Musselman (the 81-year-old wife of a local businessman) is obviously a danger to society and one can readily see that she is a tough one that causes the agents of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to likely tremble in her presence. After all, she did threaten to shoot them if they came on her property after she gets out of jail. And she got bond granted the other day.

Obviously, this dangerous bear-feeding criminal ought to be held without bail.

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