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Thursday, February 27, 2014

What Does It All Mean?

Once again, I settled into  that recliner... that soft recliner so comfy... and I realized that I have no post for this morning. I am watching an analysis of the Battle of the Bulge on the Military History Channel. I am a sucker for anything WWII related. It is an amazing story. Not just the Battle of the Bulge but the entire war, in both theaters, and the lead up to it; the decade between 1930-1940, the geo-politics, the madness of nations, the struggle that would ultimately destroy the existing empires and create new ones.

If I were to suddenly find myself back in time, to when I was 19, and knew what I know now... I would go to college and I would major in History and then my post-grad would be about 1930-1945. It is of utter fascination to me.

There are interesting periods throughout the history of mankind but none seem to intrigue nearly as much as the one I described; that 15 years is one I just missed and one which so involved and so impacted events during my life.

And, sadly, few people of my generation seem anywhere near as interested as I am.


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