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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Just How Much is a Smidgen Anyway?

Mirriam-Webster defines it thusly...
 a small amount :  bit


 Not very definite. It's like a "tad", or maybe a "dash", or some such amount that we would recognize if we saw it.

But we now know that there is even less than that amount of corruption in the IRS. After all, the President declared that in the interview that aired just before the Super(yawn)bowl last Sunday.

And we believe that, don't we? After all, if you cannot trust the President and the IRS, who can you trust?

I am sure the IRS is staffed by friendly, helpful, public servants who are dedicated and trustworthy. Never mind those lavish conferences in Las Vegas or the upcoming bonuses (similar to the ones we denounce on Wall Street), they mean nothing. I am sure the "boneheads" in some "fly-over" city like Cincinnati who delayed (and continue to delay) the status of some non-profits that "just happen" to be politically opposed to the Democrats and the President won't be getting bonuses, aren't you? Or maybe they will get bonuses... After all, they just misinterpreted a directive (which, apparently, never existed even though it did) and got over zealous about screening non-profits. It's just a coincidence that 99% (or so) of the groups impacted were conservative and that 99% of liberal oriented groups sailed through the process.

But now that the investigation (which the President called for in a press conference where he expressed his outrage and denied any knowledge of the situation is over... Wait, it's not over and no group (or, apparently, member of said groups) who was impacted has been interviewed yet... the President can happily denounce the scandal as a "phony" one ginned up and blown out of proportion by Foxnews. Foxnews is behind all these phony scandals, don't you know?

And we trust our government and want it to grow bigger and bigger, don't we?

Bridge-gate anyone?

Power corrupts...


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