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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stumbling along... phone and TV wise...

Running late, as usual, lots to do today. You see, I successfully switched from satellite TV and DSL to Cable TV and cable modem. I am halfway through the Great Transition Project. The next step is to sign up with Vonage for phone service to replace my current landline provider. I know many of you have dropped land lines in favor of cell phones. I would also but I am "old school". Besides, I think cell phone costs are a still too high to justify it. My changes are being made in order to cut some monthly costs.

The cable modem works quite well. I had one before. I also had the AT&T equivalent of Vonage before. I am not entering into a strange new world here, just returning to one.

But today I have errands to run. Drop off the DSL unit at the local phone company office, ship the satellite DVRs back to Direct TV, and pick up some things along the way.

I am not looking forward to the changeover to Vonage. It is a delicate matter to smoothly transition between phone service providers. I would rather just get a new phone number from Vonage, get that up and running, and then drop the local phone company. But certain others in this household wish to retain our current phone number. And I am nothing if not compliant.

Wish me luck. I figure I have 1 to 2 weeks of Rather Interesting Times ahead of me.


Pearl said...

That kind of stuff gives me a headache.  Our cable provider just changed the look of the onscreen listings and I didn't even care for that...


Douglas4517 said...

I am having enough trouble learning the cable system and the new remote...
commands are different or the results are alien. The older I get the steeper
the learning curve... sigh...