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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Being re-visited

Not much to write about. No disruptions in my life, no amusing anecdotes to relate, no outrages to fulminate over. Boring, that's what it is. My life, I mean.

A guy showed up at my door the other day. He's a financial adviser. He had stopped by a few years ago and that prompted us to visit him regarding what we should do with some money we had managed to squirrel away. We didn't like his advice. We didn't dislike it either, it just didn't seem to be what we wanted to do.

He seemed to be mostly interested in wresting my company 401K away from its seemingly safe location at another financial institution and investing it in an IRA with his company. It isn't a lot of money, trust me, but that didn't seem to matter. He called, weekly at first and then monthly, to check whether we had considered coming in again and starting an account. Until I asked him not to call again, that we would contact him if we changed our minds.

I had almost forgotten about him but here he was at my door again. We chatted for a bit and I found he seemed to have no more interesting advice than he had a few years ago.



Tom Sightings said...

Invite him in for three or four cups of coffee. Maybe he won't come back!

Douglas said...

I'm afraid it would encourage him... to stop by each day on his way to work.