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The Random Comic Strip

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Yeah, I've already said this

I'm a cynic. I've told you this before... more than once. Maybe too often. I can't help being a cynic, it's genetic. At least, that's my excuse. Nothing in my life has ever even hinted to me that it's wrong to be cynical. Being cynical is beneficial.

Cynicism protects you from:
Swindlers, card sharps, salesmen, and gold diggers.

Cynicism does not help you with:
Friends, bargains, and great opportunities.

I figure that's a fair trade-off. Any cynic would. 

I am contemplating making some changes here. Perhaps shorter posts and posting them randomly. I got very little feedback about the comment system (only one comment) but you could have guessed I was leaning toward scrapping Disqus and I have done so.


The Jules said...

Ooh, wasn't a big fan of Disqus. Seemed a faff.

I'm cynical about it.

Torggil said...

Neither was I. The system wouldn't alow me to post comments on certain machines.

Douglas said...

Now that I have switched back to Blogger's comment system, I see that has changed a bit.

Audrey Barton said...

"Cynicism lacks any real conviction. It doesn't like the game as it's being played, and so it spoils it.
At bottom, cynicism is a cheap and shoddy response to a life we are afraid to love because it might, for a time, be painful."
-Julia Cameron, The Sound of Paper

Douglas said...

Audrey... “Every ounce of my cynicism is supported by historical precedent.”
― Glen Cook