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The Random Comic Strip

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Contemplating one's navel

As I sit here, bored, playing on my laptop... I wonder what I might write about.  For some, blogging comes easily. These are the talented writers who entertain and/or teach. I am not so talented. I struggle most days just to come up with an idea. But, then, I have never been creative. I dabbled with painting and drawing but could only copy things others painted or drew and not all that well. I learned early on that I do not have an ear for music. I tried photgraphy but that didn't turn out too well though I enjoyed it.

Over the years, I have learned to accept my mediocrity. I even wallow in it from time to time. It has kept me from being the center of attention. That pleases me. I do not like being noticed, or depended on, or being an example for others. I prefer obscurity.

When I was a young lad, I wanted to become rich. Then I realized two things: one is that it takes a lot of work and the other is that fame often comes with riches. Neither of those appealed to me.

The mystery, to me, is that some people seek fame. They strive to become a movie star or a pop idol or a sports star. Some of them make it (a rare few, really) and then complain that they have no privacy. What's up with that? You made it, you are famous! You sought fame and now you are unhappy about it? Sorry, you do not get my sympathy.

I suppose we all miss what we had once we've lost it.


The Jules said...

Most people aren't even mediocre, so I'd be quite pleased with that!

mrinalini khattar said...

Even copying requires art of a certain kind. So does mediocrity.