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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Troubles of the self-inflicted kind

I have been having a little trouble of late... with my blog. I blamed Blogger, of course, but the fault turns out to be my own. Specifically, I could not log in. There was nowhere to do it. But I began to think about it and realized I had recently added something to block tracking while I was on the web. I don't much like various websites tracking what I view, what I do, where I go.

But, apparently, Blogger demands this. At least when going to my own site. Once I allowed Blogger/Google to track me again, I could log in. I could enter new posts, I could edit old posts and fix those typos that I always seem to miss in the first 3 or 4 re-reads of whatever drivel I have thought up.

Blogger (primarily the post editor) is really starting to irritate me. It changes fonts at will while I type. When I attempt to fix it, it changes it again. Just while typing this paragraph, I have had to adjust it twice. And I still don't trust it.

 Perhaps it's just me. Something I am doing wrong. After all, I was wrong about the problem with logging in so there's a fair chance it is something I am unknowingly doing that is causing my problems. It wouldn't be the first time... or the last.

I woke up this morning about 5 AM here in Biloxi. It was noisy. I thought Faye was luxuriating in the jacuzzi tub we have in our room. I was wrong. It was the AC. It was gurgling... loudly... very loudly. I got up and found that it was also leaking water, soaking the carpeting. We called the front desk and told them. They sent up someone from maintenance who stopped the leak. Then they sent up the maid to run a machine to suck the water out of the carpet. That worked, too, just not so well. She also left behind a blower unit to dry the carpet and that  didn't seem to work at all. It was also real loud.

I learned that several rooms on a couple of floors got flooded overnight.

We finally ended up being moved to another room. A suite, actually. 

Such is life in Biloxi.

Sorry this is late. 

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