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Friday, September 21, 2012

Shove that Dish where the sun don't shine

I have now had two phony commenters. Both for Dish Network, both using the EXACT SAME WORDING to push both Dish and one of their featured products. I will begin comment approval if I get one more. I am also sending off a complaint to Dish Network about this practice.

Speaking of Dish Network, let me explain why I dumped them. The signal went from weak to worst. All that was needed was a small cloud somewhere in the sky to interrupt the signal. The price kept increasing and they charged me $5 a month MORE if I didn't have a phone line connected to their box. What was the importance of that phone line? Not to update any programming, upgrade/update any software, or provide me with any actual improvement to service or reliability. No, it was only to make it easier for me to order Pay-Per-View features. In other words, I was paying $5 a month because I refused a "convenience."

It is not up to me to tell you what TV service you should use or not use. That is up to you. But any comment that mentions Dish or any other service by name will be deleted.


Steven said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Douglas said...

Sorry, Steven, I had to delete your comment. Not because it was offensive in any way but because I had clearly stated that any comment naming "any service by name" will be deleted.

Steven said...

haha, yeah, that was a test :) sorry

Steven said...

In all seriousness, astroturfing is sleazy business

Douglas said...

Yes, Steven, it is. I read something interesting about the practice in the Guardian.

He neglects to mention that it can be done by proponents of certain causes (and political figures) and probably is.