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The Random Comic Strip

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Coffee brain

I sometimes just have a jumble of thoughts in my mind. Barely related, if at all, and without much meaning to anyone but me. I suspect I am not alone in this. I suspect that we all hide our innermost thoughts. Not because they might offend (though they might) but because we fear ridicule.

I had some thoughts about coffee this morning as I filled my cup. Snippets of the "Java Jive" ran through my head. No doubt leaving little brown stains here and there.

I like coffee and tea. I learned many years ago that I can over overindulge, however. I worked that old graveyard shift (midnight to 8 AM) and swilled coffee all night long. I would shift back to normal hours on the weekends and often woke up on Saturday morning with massive headaches. These would disappear with the first (or second) cup of coffee at breakfast. I read somewhere about caffeine deprivation headaches and decided to cut back.

Eventually I settled on no more than two cups per shift and the Saturday morning headaches went away. I rarely exceed that even now.

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