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Monday, December 8, 2008

Now, wait a minute!

It's Sunday afternoon and it is time to go to our favorite restaurant. A local steak house for an early evening meal. It's a good restaurant. The prices are good, the food is excellent. We get into my car and I back it out of the garage. Because the garage holds two cars and there is no room on the right to open the passenger door, Faye waits outside until I back out so she can get in the car.

As I back up near her, she gestures at me and points to the right rear of the car. I have a flat. A couple of days ago, the car was in the shop for an oil change, a nail was found in one tire and the tire was repaired. But now I have a flat. Completely flat. Since the car has not been moved since I drove it home after the oil change, the car has likely been sitting on that flat tire since Friday evening.

I leave my car in the driveway and pull Faye's car out for the drive to the restaurant. My dinner, while good, is tainted by the knowledge that I will have to put the spare (that little bitty donut tire) on after I get home. It's also affected by the slowly building suspicion that the tire that was repaired wasn't done properly.

When I get home I spend a half hour swapping the flat for the spare. I check the work order from the dealer's service center. It doesn't reveal which tire was repaired beyond "front". But front when? After rotation or before?

This is not over, check back later. First I play golf then I go to the service center.


So I go to the dealer, limping in on the little donut, and explain my problem. I ask him to confirm which tire was repaired. He says it seemed to him that it was a front tire. So I explain that the only way I would accept that, since the patch inside the tire rather than use plugs, would be to take that tire off, break it down and show me the patch. He said they would do that if it took that for me to have trust in them but that he would check with the tech.

He comes back a minute later and sheepishly says, "It was put on the right rear and we will fix it for you right now."

And they did. They said so. It was a poor patch job, they said.

And I will check it again in a few hours to make sure it holds air this time.


Barry said...

It is always best to play golf first, then go for the confrontation.

If you do the confrontation first it will only spoil your game.

If you play a round of golf first and it goes well you will be calm and confident when speaking to the garage manager. If golf goes badly, you'll have built up such a head of steam that no mere garage manager could withstand.

MilesPerHour said...

I hope you left your driver with the other clubs and didn't bring it to the service center with you.

redchair said...

I bet they’ll fix the tire without issue. The hole probably still has residuals of the fix they attempted. Good luck.

Douglas said...

Barry, Always best to play golf first. However, that didn't go well.

MPH, I find a wedge works wonders on attitudes.

Vikki, you hit the nail (no pun intended) on the head.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm, I'm sure the thought of having a wedge lodged securely in ones cranium is a teres incentive to do a better job next time.


Michael said...

Shame about the tire... but thanks to AV's burger post, I can't help but think about what dinner you may have had at that steakhouse.



Douglas said...

Michael - When you think about it (as I too often do), my 30 minute oil change became a 3 1/2 hour over two days annoyance.