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Saturday, March 21, 2009

"Oh, what a world! What a world! "*

There has been an auto advertisement showing lately that caught my eye and triggered something in my brain the other evening. It's a Volvo ad. Very elaborate, with a green motif (green as in eco-friendly), with a youngish couple in a woodsy area being greeted by a friendly person (almost elf-like) who invites them to see their new car being made. The feeling presented was like elves and fairies building this beautiful vehicle as they float about the air (well, they made no attempt to actually hide the harnesses but still...). In the end, the couple drive off in apparent bliss.

It was an advertisement for a 2010 model. Excuse me? It is March of 2009! A full 9 months before 2010. You could expand your family easily by then. What's the hurry? Why not call it a 2009? Or maybe a 2009 and 1/2?

I thought dealers were having trouble all over the world selling cars but Volvo is advertising in advance. It isn't all that green, either. Its standard engine is the usual gasoline burning non-hybrid V-6 (turbocharged). An SUV that's rated 16 mpg city, 22 mpg highway.

Is it just me or does this seem a bit odd to you?

We are in a topsy turvey world, aren't we? I just got through reading an article referenced through Argentum's wonderful blog, Tomas Arcanum

I would like you, when you have time, to read the referenced article (link)

The scary thing is I was not shocked about anything in the article.

Tell me, am I being too judgemental?

* Quote from The Wizard of Oz



The Jules said...

Was it a green car? You can only tell that something is environmentally friendly if it's been apinted green.

And that's a fact!

Not a true one mind.

The Jules said...

Painted even.

You should never apint anything, least of all green.

Steven said...

But new cars with the next year's model number come out, when, it august? I guess march is a bit premature to start advertising, but I'm sure volvo has to do a lot of convincing.

I'm just hoping that by the time I'm ready to buy another car (down to a little over two years!), there's one left that'll go zoom zoom when I want it to and, by gum, if I push it really hard, it better get less than 8MPG. And be affordable.

They're disappearing, and it's sad. I might swallow my pride and go with the new Genesis Coupe. Can't convince mi esposa on an Elise. Obama's doing his best to turn us into Europe, and if that kills the affordable sports car industry (yeah elise is british, but they're not exactly european...and german cars are too's down to US & JP), then I'm gonna have to get angry.

/rambling off

Douglas said...

Steven, have you seen the new Audi? Right about $42k... The US has no sports car industry, never had. Corvette was never anything more than a muscle car and the T-bird gave up the pretense back in 1958. If I had the money, I'd be looking at BMW 5 series.

Anonymous said...

Jules, I am sure that apinted green on St Patrick's day would be appropriate.

Douglas, I am have often wondered why next years cars are sold this year. If it is sold this year then it can't be a 2010. That would be a good case for false misrepresentation.

Anyway, cars are becoming dinosaurs, this economic crisis will strike the death knell for the beasts.

Used cars will become a premium.


Steven said...

I won't even look at much in the way of european cars. Call me biased. I don't have a lot to base it on but I think audis are too overpriced. my eyes always glaze over when they come up in motortrend.

The newest corvette model is finally a sports car, and I'd take one. they have more power than ever, and finally enough handling to take advantage of it. but it's true, I can't really come up with much in the way of american sports cars...

We're currently looking to see if we can find a ~4 year old S2000 for a weekend driver. it's looking good for finding one on the cheap.