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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Musing Further

The other day I posted an article about relationships. It wasn't especially good and, like much of my writings, failed to be clear on what my thinking was. Fortunately, the two commenters grasped it, possibly unwittingly.

We don't seek out the most successful of our relationships. We just find ourselves in them.

We pursue our interests, our hobbies, the things that give us satisfaction or pleasure, and we find ourselves around like-minded people. From that common ground grows our finest crop. Especially if the common ground is deep and rich. For example, I made some good friends at work but these were rare because my view of what I did was quite different than most of my peers. Only those who had strong similar outside interests became my friends. The rest remained just acquaintances.

Another thought was brought up and that is how we view ourselves. I know that many of the bloggers are gregarious, outgoing, friendly people. But some of us are quite introverted. I know I am. There are reasons why I am and there is little I can do about those except try to understand them.

I will never find common ground in bars, at dances, and social gatherings. I am at my most uncomfortable there. I am that proverbial "wallflower" (a strange way to describe a man), I hang back on social life and let others mingle.

I wonder how many more are like me in the blogosphere?


IB said...

The great thing about the blogosphere is it's populated with so many diverse people. There's millions out here, man. And somehow, we manage to gravitate towards each other; those we feel comfortable with. I see you around on some of my regular travels and think, Ah,there's Douglas. Nice to see him again....ah shit...lost my train. Will another come by soon?

Douglas said...

Ian, trains never run on time, do they? And they make all those stops... I used to try very hard not be be an &^^$()* but I gave up. Everyone ought to have a talent.

Michael said...

I guess I'm similar to you in the way that I don't normally fit in with a crowd. I completely share with you the existence of many acquaintances, and close friendships with like-minded people.

Throughout my years, I've learned to pick out the ones in bars and social gatherings that I get along with, then hold on to them for dear life before I suffer from a panic attack. It is uncomfortable for me the more people there are, but it's strength of self that's the most important. Or you can depend on friends. All I need are my close friends to keep me afloat.

When I'm alone, though, Hell yeah, I'm going to drown.

Do you hate it too?
"If you're going through Hell, keep going."

Bagman and Butler said...

Probably all of us! Those who are not hanging back are also not staring a computer screens.