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Saturday, February 12, 2011

I am such a pessimist

Like Moses, I come to make predictions about Egypt. Unlike Moses, I was not fished out of the Nile as a baby. And I don't have a staff (though I do own a cane) to use as a prop.

So Mubarak has accepted the fact that he needed to step down. I suppose some sort of deal was made with the modern day Pharoah... perhaps offering him (or maybe just his family) safe passage from Egypt and freedom from prosecution.

What happens now? Egypt falls under a military junta. The top military leader will likely be usurped by some younger officers and those "free and fair" elections the people wanted will be pushed off (in the interests of stability, of course) as indefinitely as the military can get away with. The military council will be a hotbed of intrigue and power struggles which will ultimately decide the fate of the nation.

If the people come out into the street again to protest this rule by fiat, they will not be tolerated.

That's my prediction for the next few years (or, maybe, decades) in Egypt. At least it doesn't entail Biblical plagues.


Inspector Clouseau said...

The situation is so incredibly complicated that I do not feel competent to comment. I wish them the best, but history is not on their side.

Douglas said...

Inspector, it is incredibly complex and incredibly simple at the same time. No, history is not on their side. It is one thing to foment (and even win) a revolution. It is something else again to construct a fair and responsible government once the revolution is won.