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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Knee-ding some work done

If I make less sense than usual, blame the drugs. This morning I went for some outpatient surgery. When the doc put my kneecap together, he used some wires to bind it up while it healed. The hope was that these would not have to come out. Unfortunately, hope just isn't enough sometimes. About 3 months ago, the healing seemed to stop and new pain started in. I put up with it for awhile but it really hurt sometimes, especially when getting into or out of the car. So I decided that we should have the wires removed.

Those are not scribbles on the X-rays, they are the wires. A little arthroscopic surgery to remove them was in order. The toughest part was getting up at 5 in the morning to go to the outpatient surgery center. And then waiting for the doc to show up. He didn't look hungover so I figured my odds were 50-50 that things would go right. And, according to all those who stayed awake, it did.

Now maybe, just maybe, I will get a much more usable knee joint out of it. A bit of rest and I should be just fine. Or not.

They did ruin a pair of shorts for me when they bathed the knee in Betadine and it, of course, ran down the back of my leg. They weren't my best pair and I have a dozen pairs so no great loss.

Nurses have a great sense of humor. They crack jokes while you're in pain but somehow it doesn't come across as rude or uncaring. Doctors make jokes too but those always make me nervous. I prefer my doctors to be serious when they are about to cut holes in me.

I think the anesthetic is starting to wear off now so it is time to go lay down and elevate the leg.


Pearl said...

Sleep, my friend, and feel better soon. I cannot imagine...


Lucille29 said...
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