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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nothin' ever remains the same

This will be a short post. It's a golf day. One which starts at 10 AM. Which means I must leave here about 9 AM. Which means I have very little time to write a fascinating post full of wonderful prose. Not that having a lot of time would allow me to produce such a thing but just to warn you today will be worse than usual.

I wanted to introduce Disqus to you and to this site. Disqus is something I have run across elsewhere and have enjoyed using, as a user. It provides a way for the reader to comment, of course, but it also sends replies to your comments to you. You can then reply to those comments as email by simply replying to the email.

You will have to sign up with Disqus the first time so that it knows where to send those emails. If you have never used it before, I am hoping you won't mind that extra effort.

Let me know what you think (he said... trying to entice people into commenting).

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Douglas4517 said...

It is not difficult to sign up in order to make comments. You should be prompted for sign up when you try to post a comment. If I recall, that's how I came across it on another site some time ago. You will note that my normal, plain, name of "Douglas" has been replaced with "Douglas4517". This is because I had to sign up that way... some other "Douglas" was there first. The "4517" does have a meaning for me so it is OK. If you find it is too much trouble, send me some feedback through the email link in my profile.