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Apparently, the crossword puzzle that disappeared from the blog, came back.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Pearls of Wisdom

On Fridays my muse, Pearl, predicts the weekend through the Sacred (and all knowing) iPod. I do not own an iPod. I may never own one. Not that I have anything against them (if we discount the hype and the price) but I just do not own one. I do have a couple of MP3 players (one of which doubles as a "thumb drive") but neither of these has the "shuffle" function and so they cannot do the forecasting magic of Pearl's iPod.

In order to steal that idea from her (a habit of which I am loathe to be cured), I had to find another way to predict the future or buy, borrow, or steal an iPod. I have given up thievery, don't wish to buy anything unrelated to golf, and "friends" who do have iPods selfishly refuse to loan them to me for any extended period of time. So I think I have found another way.

Crossword puzzles.

You laugh. I can tell from here, on the other side of that computer screen from you, that you are incapable of keeping that mirth inside. Go ahead and chuckle. It is not my imagination, in spite of what the therapist says. The puzzle must first be solved, of course, and then a pattern needs to be discerned. For instance, Monday's (1/7/11) puzzle had this pattern:

Oafs leap paint lasses silicon bled bob sans desires firsts aspen pate plop gene

Ok, it needs work. Or maybe I missed the right pattern. Let's try:

Oafs ewes hump foil leap setae frau alga paint...

No, that's not working either. How about:

Offal elapsed headlines spieled mer brad cola agog ramps

No, can't make any sense of that either.

I won't give up. I am sure there is wisdom hidden in these puzzles.


The Jules said...

Well, it's as vague as Nostradamus, so I'm convinced!

Douglas said...

Jules... but Nostradamus agrees with the Mayan clock, how vague can he be?

DL3 said...
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