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Friday, February 25, 2011

Some feedback could be nice

I suppose I should explain why I installed Disqus. And how it impacts you, the reader. I realize most of you like a certain level of anonymity and this might seem like a threat to that. It isn't. If you have not signed up with Disqus, you can do so either by going to their website or by leaving a comment. Leaving the comment will prompt you to establish a Disqus identity if you do not already have one. You should also be able to post as "Anonymous" or maybe "Guest." I first came across it on the L.A. Times website, I think. It surprised me when I began seeing replies to my posts there sent to me in email. Replying to the replies normally would require returning to the website but not with Disqus. You just reply to the email and Disqus posts your response for you. That impressed me.

Signing up with Disqus has not meant an increase in spam. It has not resulted in email ads. They seem to keep the data to themselves. A good thing.

I am hoping to encourage commentary. After all, comments indicate interest. Not just a boost to the old egos but interest in the subjects about which we bloggers write. I would write about controversial subjects in an effort to increase comments but that is something I don't like to do. What I try to do is evoke memories of your own childhoods and past experiences. What I hope for are responses that tell a story.

I don't kid myself that I am a good blogger or a good writer. I know my limitations.

When you comment, you do not have to stick to the subject at hand; you do not have to be especially witty or clever; you do not have to worry about people laughing at you*. I welcome suggestions for different subjects. I welcome criticism and promise not to snarl in response. I am quite used to criticism. I was the youngest child and I have an ex-wife... I am very familiar with criticism.

If you do not like Disqus, view my profile and send me an email through the "email" button. If I get enough complaints, or the arguments against it are good, I can uninstall it.

And now... it's off to play golf.

* People will laugh at you or with you, regardless. Either way, you created amusement and that, in itself, is a good thing.


Steven Scott said...

I like it alright. I was tracking comments by the RSS feed (a little annoying since I have 2 different Boomer Musings feeds in Google Reader), but disqus is probably better. And the Blogger comment form irked me.

Sightings said...

I made a comment and received a confirming email from Disqus, but Disqus didn't show up on my own blog, even when someone made a comment. Guess I have to go to the Disqus website and sign up? Think it's worth it? Btw, maybe (he asked boldly) you could add to your list of "Other Blogs of Interest" b/c I like traffic and comments too. Happy blogging!

Douglas4517 said...

I am mystified. I replied to this through Disqus email but it never showed up. It seems to be "hit and miss" right now. If that isn't reliable, I have no real reason to keep it. We'll see...

Douglas4517 said...

I thought I had added your site to the blog roll. It is there now, thanks for the reminder. Yes, you have ti "install" Disqus on your blog. Not hard to do, they give you the code and tell you pretty much where to place it.

Douglas4517 said...

I haven't done that yet? Sorry, I meant to then I got distracted by some
bright shiny thing...oooh, look a bird! I'll do it now.

Yes, there is an installation process you go through but it is easy enough
though, to me, a tad confusing. Take your time and be smarter than me. You
show up as "(unregistered)" for some reason.


Douglas4517 said...

I like the notification and the ability to reply through Disqus by just
replying to the email. Not sure how RSS works except to get notifications of
new posts. You can tutor me.


T.C. said...

It's all good to me but I have the added step of having to write my name each time.

HektikLyfe said...

Did you create an account? If so it could keep you logged in. The added benefit is you no longer have to type that annoying captcha which was way worse in my opinion.