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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Are We Liberal or Conservative?

I doubt this is interesting but here goes anyway...

America*: Media still ‘too liberal

Amercans consistently think the media is too liberal. In polls starting in 2002 to today (one assumes) Americans who think the media is too liberal far outnumber the Americans who think the media is too conservative.

Oddly, the definition of "media" is nowhere to be found in the article. What is the media? Newspapers and TV networks? Or those and art (painting and sculture), movies, books (fiction and non-fiction), TV shows, theater, and all of the performing arts? It seems left up to the respondents to decide.

I would say, overall, media (including the additional forms I mentioned) is incredibly liberal. The question is also what is "too" liberal? I don't think the media is too liberal, I think it is as liberal as the public permits. So, if the media is too liberal... that's what the public expects and allows (they want to be entertained and they are willing to tolerate liberal bias in order to get that). It will change when the public changes. And not before.

I watch (as do you all, I'm sure) the movies which come out of Hollywood. Most, if not all, of these have some liberal slant to them.  The same goes for TV shows... very few can be considered conservative. Sitcoms are heavily liberal, that's apparent. But what about reality shows? Those are harder to define. I don't watch them so I have no opinion. That's not entirely true, I watched the reality show that my granddaugther was in (a dance competition stretched out over 12 weeks... which she won, in case you didn't know) and I watched a reality show called "Full Metal Jousting" which was interesting. Neither of these had any strong (or weak) elements of liberal bias as far as I could tell.

As I travel about the internet, reading and participating in various "hot topic" forums, I find a lot of liberal reaction to events and issues. I expect that in certain websites; Washington Post, NY Times, NBC, Salon, Huffington Post, Mother Jones, and so on. But it is just about everywhere. If one were to read just the forums, one might decide that America is very liberal. Yet, the poll mentioned above and others indicate that this is not so.

Personally, I think we (human beings) are naturally conservative. We, in general, do not like change. We like consistency, we like constancy, we want reliability in everyday life. We fall into routines and, as much as we talk about not liking to be in a rut, we are more comfortable there. Especially as we grow older or get past the mid-point in a career. It is youth which usually desires and appreciates change. Youth craves excitement and innovation. Me? Not so much anymore.


Tom Sightings said...

Liberals will tell you that you're wrong ... but you are not. You are correct. However, I find that the terms "liberal" and "conservative" are kind of outmoded, or perhaps just misused. For example, are you liberal if you want to conserve the environment? I mean, how can you be liberal? The word is right there -- conserve. And what if you're both pro-life, and pro-choice, which many people are. What does that make you? Confused, or just reasonable?

Anyway, here's my definition of a liberal: A guy who will give you a three-foot putt. And, by the way, although I'm not always liberal myself, I love liberals!

Douglas said...

Tom, know what I call someone who gives me a three foot putt? Patsy.