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Friday, September 20, 2013

Can You Feel The Collective Kneejerk?

By now, you have all heard, read, watched news and/or commentary, about the shootings and killings at the Navy Yard in D.C. If you are half the news junkie that I am (and I am not an avid one, just an interested one... I think), you know that we have few facts that will help us understand what the Real Story is.

A lot is being made of the fact that he had a security clearance in spite of his past problems in, and out of, the Navy. Security clearances don't mean much to me as I have had one a couple of times (in the Navy and while I was working for Ma Bell). There are various levels of security, some of which are merely pro forma. Don't concern yourself with this aspect of the story, it's a distraction.

He had access to this facility because he had a badge; he worked there, he was likely known by the gate security folks.  People who are known are passed through security gates easily.

"But how did he get in there with a shotgun???" you ask.

A good question but it's apparent that it did not look like a shotgun at the time. According to some reports, the shotgun was disassembled and in a bag he carried. And, likely, that bag was in his car when he drove through the gate so it would not have been obvious or of any great concern to security. Unless the facility is under heightened security (which it wasn't), no one is searching cars or questioning the access of people who come in through the gate on a regular basis. After he was inside the gate and parked his vehicle, he is alleged to have gone into a restroom and re-assembled the shotgun.

Much talk is made about his having one or two handguns (the number is not yet clear... as of this writing) and an AR-15. Apparently, he did not actually use these and they were taken from people he shot so he did not have them when he entered. Another distraction.

NBC, in its usual haste to put out unverified information, initially said that the shooter "is believed to have a Concealed Weapon Permit." He apparently did not.

While trying to discern actual facts about this tragic event, I have run into some incredibly inaccurate reporting, weird and outrageous comments, and a general ignorance. None of which is a surprise.

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