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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Zoomin' and Gamblin'

I am currently in Biloxi (again), got here Sunday around noon-ish, for a free 4 night stay; 2 nights at one casino/hotel and 2 nights at another. I was never a fan of what are called "players clubs" but they have worked out well for us. I should say "for Faye" since she is the one who does the gambling while I ignore the casinos and usually play some golf instead.

It was an uneventful trip up here, just the usual "clingers". I thought I had defined these some years ago but my search showed only one mention and that definition was wanting in my opinion. A "clinger" is a driver who matches your speed (usually only once he/she gets into your blind spot) exactly. You notice them most often when you approach a slower moving vehicle and feel the need to change lanes. At that point, your choices are speed up or slow down. In each case, the clinger may match you and deny you easy access to the desired lane... and often does. You have to slow quickly in order to throw the clinger off and then drop in behind him/her. Which you may not be able to do if he/she has a clinger of his/her own hanging back a car length or two from his/her rear bumper. You see, often the clinger should move to your lane to allow his/her clinger to do the speeding he/she wants to do.

When I find myself approaching a vehicle on my right, I tend to override my cruise control and speed up... especially if there is a slower moving vehicle ahead of that car and in that lane.  But I am no clinger. I learned not to do that (and to dislike those that did) during my motorcycle days. I always wanted an "escape route" in those days.

I don't recall any serious accidents on the freeways. That's always a blessing since it means no long periods of frustration while you inch forward so that the rubberneckers can view the destruction.  I suspect the rubberneckers are NASCAR fans.

I will be back in Paradise late Thursday. A fact you do not really need but one which cheers me up. I used to enjoy road trips, sometimes just taking off with no particular destination in mind. But not so much anymore. Maybe I need to get back on a motorcycle... or buy a sports car. It's not as much fun in a "sofa on wheels."

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