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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Different Administration, Same Mistrust

I am having a little trouble supporting Obama's proposed action on Syria. First, I am not convinced we yet have proof that Assad's forces instigated the sarin gas attack. You see, we do not have access to the highly classified evidence. And the UN is just now testing the samples picked up at the attack site. It may take weeks to get those results. Those results should give us information about the gas and where it was made. Second, the plan is unclear. What is the intent? Thirdly, the longer we wait, the more opportunity Assad has to move the targeted assets elsewhere. if we intend to aid the rebels (and what else would a military strike do?) then which rebels and can they be trusted if they oust Assad and take control of these chemical weapons?

I also wonder why we seem to know so much about who did what in Syria just a few days ago yet we still don't know what happened in Benghazi or what the NSA is doing with our emails and phone calls.

Maybe I am being partisan here and the administration is on the up and up. But ask yourself: If it was George Bush, would you be supporting this?

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T.C. said...

The hypocrisy (e.g. anti-war celebrities are silent) and incompetence is quite shocking.

Then there's the whole wrinkle about, you know, the strikes benefiting the very people America is fighting a global anti-terror war.