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Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Odds Are Against You

There are a few natural rules that apply to golf. Let me lay them out:

  1. A lost ball found will seek to be returned to lost status.
  2. A ball found in the water will return to the water at the next opportunity.
  3. A player will hook the ball on a dogleg right hole and slice the ball on a dogleg left hole. Unless the player is left-handed.
  4. The odds of the above increase exponentially with the amount of hazards on the opposite side of the dogleg.
  5. The shorter the expanse of water in front of a green, the shorter you will hit the ball trying to get over it.
  6. Golf balls seek the woods, sand traps, and water.
  7. The more you need a putt the less chance you have of making it.
  8. If you shoot a good score one day, you will shoot poor scores the next several times you play.
  9. The out of bounds stakes are always closer than you believe.

These are only the most common natural rules. I have not mentioned a few others involving any bets you make. 

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